Dried Figs

KLUTH bag figsexample 200g bag

Quality: Lerida - Figs unsulphured No. 4

Origin: Turkey

Description: Figs, dried

Main Areas of Cultivation:
Turkey, Greece

Turkish Figs
have a thin skin. They are available in the following varieties: Lerida/Loccum, Layer, Pulled Protoben and Natural in sizes no. 2-9.

Greek Figs have a thicker skin. They are mostly available as garland figs.

Kluth Turkish figs are of best quality Lerida figs. They are supplied by the largest producer in Turkey, who, thanks to their technical equipment, can guarantee the very finest quality. Kluth figs are free of preservatives and unsulphured.

Thanks to the light protection bag, Kluth figs are available for you to enjoy all year round.

Quality note:

In the spring and summer after the year of harvesting, the figs develop their own protective coating in the form of fructose. This process naturally prevents the figs from spoiling and the coating can be easily removed by washing.

Dried figs are delicious, healthful fruits (rich in minerals). They are delicious raw as a snack, or as an addition to breads, fruit salads, granola and cookies; they also add a sweet fruity taste to appetizers, main courses and desserts.