Dried Ginger

KLUTH bag gingerexample 200g bag

Quality: Gingerpieces, sugared

Origin: Fiji islands

Main Areas of Cultivation: Fiji, Australia, China, Brazil

Ginger “Gold Pieces” from the Fiji Islands are very delicious. There the nodules ripen in a perfect climate. The root stock, which is bulbous and branched, similar to the fingers on a large hand, is the source of the spice. The nodule is yellow on the inside with a brown skin. The spiciness of the root depends on thickness and age, the thicker, older and more fibrous the ginger root, the spicier it is.

Kluth’s ginger pieces taste fresh and not too spicy. They have a slightly fibrous consistency. The sugaring of the ginger pieces serves as a protective coating for the fruits.

Fresh Ginger is an essential ingredient in Asian cooking, for sweet and spicy dishes, for example chutney, and of course in fruit salads and stewed fruits. Candied ginger is an important ingredient used in many baking recipes, the most famous of which is the English Ginger Biscuit. Ginger is also used to improve Sauerkraut.