- Popcorn fun in just 2 minutes -

KLUTH bags Microwave Popcornexample 3 * 100g bag

Varieties avaiable: Sweeted, salted, caramell 3 x 100g box

Popcorn is becoming increasingly popular on all continents. Popcorn fans often munch on this tasty snack at home and not just at the cinema. Why not prepare it yourself - the easiest and quickest way is in the microwave.

Kluth Microwave Popcorn is quick and incredibly easy to prepare. Set the microwave to 600 watts and heat the popcorn for just 2-4 minutes. Listen out for the popping sounds of the corn. As soon as the popcorn begins to make individual popping sounds at intervals of only 2-3 seconds, switch off the microwave. Shake the bag in order to distribute the sugar or salt, leave to cool for a few seconds and your popcorn is ready to enjoy!

You can also prepare tasty recipes using popcorn, for example as a special ingredient for a spicy main dish or to top off sweet deserts - the only limit is your imagination.

Nutritional content:
Potassium, iron, vitamins B1, B2, E and fibre. Vitamin B1, which influences our nerves, helps to combat irritability and nervousness while the fibre content helps to stimulate digestion.