Sunflower Seeds

KLUTH bag sunflower seedsexample 250g bag

Quality: Premium Origin: USA / Argentina

Description: Sunflower seeds, shelled

Main Areas of Cultivation: USA, Argentina, Canada, Eastern Europe, China

Quality: Premium (extra large seeds) and US No. 1: only whole, uniformly sized sunflower seeds are offered as Premium and US No. 1 Grade. An inferior grade (small kernels, broken kernels and deviating colored kernels) is not offered by Kluth. Large bakeries use this grade.

Sunflower seeds offer a high content of antioxidants such as vitamin E or phenolic acids (over 2000 mg/100g). They work to absorb free radicals in the body.

Lightly toasted without added fat, they are delicious with salads and soups. Sunflower seeds are ideal for baking breads. As a snack, in granola or granola bars, they are especially healthy.