Tomatoes, dried & halved

KLUTH bag tomatoesexample 200g bag

Quality: sun-dried, salted and sorted by hand, unsulphured

Origin: Italy / Calabria

Description: Tomatoes, sun-dried

Main Areas of Cultivation: Italy, Spain, Holland

The secret is in the drying process and salt content, which means that no sulphur is needed as a preservative. After harvesting, the tomatoes are washed and then salted during the drying phase. Kluth dried tomatoes are not treated with sulphur.

The Italian word for tomato is “Pomodoro”, which means golden apple. Tomatoes are very healthy due to their high vitamin A and C content and a range of minerals. Due to the biogenic plant substance lycopene, tomatoes are an especially valuable source of nutrition. Lycopene is a highly effective antioxidant. It prevents the formation of cancerous cells, which are caused by the attack of free radicals. Lycopene prevents the growth of existing cancerous cells, such as prostate cancer cells. Furthermore, tomatoes contain the substance tyriosine, which is said to guarantee good moods.

Dried tomatoes have an intense flavour and can be used in a variety of ways, for example as antipasti, in salads and as an accompaniment to various dishes (e.g. pasta dishes).

Note: Due to the salt content, rinse before consumption!